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Sir Winston Churchill 温斯顿?丘吉尔爵士  

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Sir Winston Churchill 温斯顿?丘吉尔爵士

Winston Churchill
Churchill was a brilliant speaker


Programme Introduction 节目简介

Sir Winston Churchill was a politician for many years; he was also a soldier, a famous writer and an artist. His legacy (遗产)continues to live on today.

Churchill is best-known for being British Prime Minister (首相) during the Second World War and leading the Allied forces (盟军) to victory. He is also known for making some of the most memorable speeches of our time.

Join Andrea and Jean to find out more about this historic (历史上有名的)Brit (英国人).



主持人 Andrea 和董征在本期节目为大家介绍这位英国著名的世界伟人。


Listen to and download the programme 收听并下载该节目


BBC Learning English – Audio programmes

About this script
Please  note  that  this  is  not  a  word  for  word  transcript  (抄本,副本)of  the  programme  as broadcast. In the recording and editing process, changes may have been made which may not be reflected here.

关于台词的备注: 请注意这不是广播节目的逐字稿件。本文稿可能没有体现录制、编辑过程中对 节目做出的改变。

Winston Churchill  温斯顿?丘吉尔爵士

Andrea:    He’s famous for giving a V sign for victory.

Jean:    他动人心魄的讲演也是闻名于世。

Andrea:    But he’s most famous for leading the United Kingdom during the
Second World War. Hello, I’m Andrea.

Jean:    大家好,我是董征。

Andrea:    In these programmes we’re focussing on famous Britons (英国人)– both old ones and new!

Jean:    而我们今天的话题就是英国历史上最著名的风云人物之一:温斯顿?丘吉尔公 爵。


If the British Empire and its Commonwealth (共和国,联邦)last for a thousand years – men will
still say this was their finest hour.

Andrea:    A clip there from one of Churchill’s well-known speeches. Born in
1874, he was a great statesman (政治家), an officer in the British Army, a historian (历史学家), a Nobel Prize winning writer and an artist.

Jean:    是的,丘吉尔不仅给二次世界大战中的所有英国人带来勇气和信心,他也让英 国的所有同盟国军队都士气大增。不过,可能并不是所有人都知道,丘吉尔其 实还是一位卓越的历史学家和艺术家。


The man was a politician, he was a soldier, he was a famous writer. He had any
number of strings to his bow. And he was an enormous success and a major influence in British and indeed world history.

Andrea:    That was Phil Reid from the Churchill Museum and Cabinet War
(丘吉尔博物馆 和 内阁战情室) right here in London.

Jean:    他给我们说到丘吉尔的政界生涯,还说到丘吉尔曾经的作家和士兵身份。


Andrea:    The expression Phil uses is “having a number of strings to his bow”.


Jean:    就是说他十分的多才多艺。 To have many strings to your bow .
Andrea:    Do you have many strings to your bow, Jean?

Jean:    Oh, Andrea, 我当然愿意说自己也是比较的多才多艺,不过和丘吉尔比起

Andrea:    Well, even though Churchill did so many things in his lifetime you will be surprised to know that he actually didn’t do very well at school. He went to three different schools as a child and was often punished for being rebellious (反叛的).

Jean:    To be rebellious 就是说他很有反叛精神,比较叛逆。


Andrea:    And on top of that he also had a speech impediment (障碍).


Jean:    怎么,难道丘吉尔这么一位大演说家还会有语言上的障碍?
Andrea:    Yes. He often spoke with a lisp (咬舌,口齿不清). That means he found it hard to pronounce his S’s properly.

Jean:    尽管如此,他的这个发音上的缺陷却依然没有影响到他演说的震撼力,尤其是 他的铿锵有力的名言: “We shall fight on the beaches… we shall never surrender (投降)” 我们将永不投降!

Andrea:    Jean, I don’t think you could ever match Churchill! For Phil Reid, his speeches are still incredible today.


The words are sometimes very difficult but you always get that feel from it, you

know, the delivery (讲话方式,演讲风格)and the sound. They make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. They make your back arch (拱起). They make your fingers grip (紧握)into a fist, as it were. They have that effect.

Jean:    Phil 给我们解释说,丘吉尔在他演说里使用的一些语言其实是很不好懂的。不 过我们一样还是能强烈的感受到他演说时的激情。

Andrea:    Phil uses some wonderful expressions to explain the effect of Churchill’s speeches. To make the hair stand up on the back of your neck.

Jean:    就是说,听丘吉尔的演说能让你后颈上的汗毛都根根竖立。

Andrea:    To make your back arch.


Jean:    让你挺直胸膛。

Andrea:    To make your fingers grip into a fist.

Jean:    让你激动的不由自主的手指握拳。就是说,他的演讲实在是太强有力了,给那

Andrea:    Sadly, in June 1953 at the age of 78, Churchill suffered a stroke at
10 Downing Street (唐宁街 ), the home of Britain’s Prime Ministers.

Jean:    而在 1955 他引退首相职位,其后在 1965 年丘吉尔在他的乡村庄园中与世长 辞。


His passing, really, was absolutely the passing of an age.

Andrea:    Phil says that Churchill’s death represented the passing of an age.
His death was like the disappearance of a time, an era (纪元,时代), never to be replaced again.

Jean:    不过他在历史上举足轻重的作用和他著名的演讲一样,让人永远难以忘怀。

Andrea:    Well, until the next time, when we meet another famous Briton, old
or new, it’s goodbye from both of us at BBC Learning English. Bye!

Jean:    我们下次节目再见!

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